Dear Friends and Family,

It is with heavy hearts we inform you that on July 16th 2010 The Cholive Company will be closing its doors. Over the past two years it has been an absolute pleasure introducing so many of you to the Cholive and our line of Chruffles, but unfortunately the economic headwinds were too strong for our dedicated band of passionate employees and loyal customers.

We cannot thank you enough for your support these past couple years. It has been a great run and hopefully, some day, you will see the Cholive re-emergeā€¦

The Cholive Company
Joshua Gentine, President

  • As a person who "never met a chocolate he didn't like", the creamy quality of the Chruffles is awesome. I can't wait to share them with my family. -Gary
  • I just received a box of Chruffles as a gift from my employer. They are DELICIOUS!!!! I'm loving them! - Ada
  • The Cholive is too good to only have with chocolate martinis. -Amber
  • What a wonderful compliment to any meal, cocktail...heaven on its own. -Lynne